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All games are on Friday nights at 4:30 pm.

Game 7

 November 24th

1   Kear VS Brooms of Anarchy

2   Brack VS Teetotalers

3   Jamison VS Kinjo

4   Shadow Energy VS Bear Slashing

5   Scotch on the Rocks VS Exploration Plastics

6   Clean Harbors VS Hack Attack

7   Langlois VS Geospace

8   Johnson VS Rock Bottom

Game 8

December 1st

1   Johnson VS Geospace

2   Jamison VS Brooms of Anarchy

3   Scotch on the Rocks VS Teetotalers

4   Kear VS Kinjo

5   Shadow Energy VS Hack Attack

6   Langlois VS Rock Bottom

7   Clean Harbors VS Bear Slashing

8   Brack VS Exploration Plastics

Game 9

 December 8th

1   Bear Slashing VS Exploration Plastics

2   Brack VS Clean Harbors

3   Langlois VS Johnson

4   Scotch on the Rocks VS Shadow Energy

5   Geospace VS Rock Bottom

6   Hack Attack VS Teetotalers

7   Jamison VS Kear

8   Brooms of Anarchy VS Kinjo

Game 10

 December 15th

1  Johnson VS Scotch on the Rocks

2   Hack Attack VS Rock Bottom

3   Kear VS Clean Harbors

4   Jamison VS Brack

5   Langlois VS Shadow Energy

6   Exploration Plastics VS Brooms of Anarchy

7   Bear Slashing VS Kinjo

8   Teetotalers VS Geospace


720 3 St NW, Calgary, AB T2N 1N9

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